Nahant Part 2

This past Sunday I went on a pretty solid bike ride. A friend -whom I just made- and I decided to meet up at Kanes Donuts after I got out of work and then take a ride to Nahant. The ride there was pretty standard until we got to the Lynnway. Just after you make the turn that heads towards the rotary that takes you to Nahant, there is a bridge that allows you to cross over the Lynnway. In the spirit of adventure, we biked across the bridge and found, (to our surprise) a nice park overlooking part of the Boston skyline, on the other side.

After chilling for a bit, we continued towards the beach. I learned, thanks to my friend, that there is a walking/bike path between where the cars drive and the beach itself. This will make future trips to Nahant much less treacherous as I will be able to not poop my pants while riding along side speeding cars.

In any case, we got to the end of the path, turned around and about half way back, stopped at a food truck where we got hot dogs and hamburgers. After eating and making new friends, we biked back to Saugus where we parted ways. All in all a pretty solid ride and I found that I go the right way (unlike the first attempt to ride to Nahant) it’s very easy, not only to get to, but also to do. In other words it wasn’t overly stressful on my legs.

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