Too Fast To Kill

Proper attire is always necessary when attending a certain affair if you want to fit in. If you’re going to a wedding, you wear a suit and tie. If you’re going to an interview, you dress professionally. If you go to Cambridge, Somerville, Brighton, Brookline, or Allston, you dress like a hipster.

The Suicycles Collection* by Hi Wheel Scene: Jean jacket vest with punk pins (such as a Colt 45 bottle cap), a generic black trucker cap, a Boston Phoenix: God Save The Mayor t-shirt, and a pair of Misfits snowboard bicycle gloves by Grenade.

The Suicycles “look” is not meant to fit in. Inspired by the “hardcore scene” and by punk rock culture, the idea is to exude a badass image. In spite of wether or not you do “punk” or “hardcore” things, people should fear you as they do most gangs. The look featured above is designed to do just that. Wether you’re ripping up the streets of Boston, or just cruising through your hometown, The Suicycles Collection always has you covered.

*Collection not actually for sale. Additionally, I forgot to include skinny jeans, preferably black.


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