Victorian Fair x HWS

Yesterday, Hi Wheel Scene made a special guest appearance at the Melrose Victorian Fair.

While there I was stopped by a woman at one of the booths who got the picture above. I thought it’d be cool to ride around a victorian fair on a victorian bicycle dressed in period esque clothing. As it turned out, the street was too crowded to really ride on. I mean the bike got the  attention and reception it usually gets, but I don’t know that people actually made the connection.

I had been sort of hoping I might catch the attention of the Melrose Free Press, and get my picture in the paper. I rode right by their booth, but apparently their photographers weren’t paying attention. Oh well, so much for local fame.

Additionally, while riding through the Eastern Bank parking lot, I was mobbed and surrounded by a bunch of twelve year olds which was really awkward. After that I retired to my house where I put the bike away and changed, returning to the fair as Clark Kent, in my street clothes.



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