Pretty In Person

Last night I went to a book reading where I saw 80s icon Molly -fucking- Ringwald!

Molly was promoting her new book When It Happens To You at the Brookline Booksmith (a book store in Brookline). When I got there, a little after 6, the place was packed and she wasn’t even set to go on until 7. My friend, who was supposed to meet me there, was actually not allowed downstairs (where the event was taking place) because the lower level was at capacity. However, while he was upstairs, Molly apparently walked right by him and he didn’t even realize until someone told him.

The reading was cool and the book seemed cool. I didn’t buy it, but I probably would. She seemed pretty chill and down to earth. After she was done reading she answered a bunch of the audience’s questions. We applauded her several times throughout her appearance and she seemed genuinely happy and surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response.

I didn’t go to meet her afterward as I didn’t have her book to get signed. Besides, the crowd was a zoo. I wanted to get a picture with her but her publicist said she would not sign memorbilia and would not be taking photos. Regardless, it was cool to be able to say I saw her in person and that she was only a few feet from me.


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