New MUSE-ic

Three bands I love are going to be releasing new material soon.


Above is the official video for the new MUSE single Madness. From what I heard about what the album might be, influenced by French house duo Justice, UK electro group Does It Offend You, Yeah?, and set to include some dubstep,* I was pretty excited. I thought that if any band could do dubstep that I would like, it would be MUSE. However, upon hearing this song and their Olympic travesty –Survival– I’m not sure how excited I am.

Initially, caught up in the moment, I really liked their last album The Resistance. But, upon further listening I realized that there were only about 3 or 4 really good songs. If these tracks (Madness and Survival) are representative of their new album -The 2nd Law**- I’m not sure how I’m gonna like it. I feel like MUSE needs to be either arena rock or electro rock, but not this which is sort half way in between. It sounds confused and not sure of what it should be. Whatever it ends up being, the US will find out on October 2nd as that it our release date (the UK gets it a day earlier on the first).

Teaser video for their album.

*I am not a huge fan of dubstep, but some of it is pretty dope.

**shitty title

Daft Punk

Every once in while I do searches to see who is up to what. Over the past few months I have been checking in on DP to see what the latest news is with a potential upcoming album and/or tour. A while ago I had found out that Nile Rogers was working with/producing some new track with DP which is so dope because from what I know of him and who he has worked with, no one can mach his funk. However, a search today yielded some very good news.

According to the link that you may or may not have just clicked, Daft Punk’s new album No End is set to drop this March on the 13th. Additionally, they are supposedly going to play a few shows at some European music festivals. Ultimately, but this is just me and there is no news or evidence that this is potentially going to happen, they should play shows that consist of just them; a world tour like they did for Alive 2007.

The thing about DP is that they know how to play the game, keep their faces secret (even though you can find images of them nes pas helmets on google), kept releases few and far between, keep concerts to a minimum, leave us (their fans, their audience) wanting more. You always want what you know you can’t have.

Can we talk about the Steam Punk x Daft Punk crossover and how sick that is? Gives a whole new meaning to Steam Machine.

Vampire Weekend

According to an announcement made by Ezra Koenig, the lead singer, at a recent concert, VW’s 3rd album is “coming soon.” This is the only info I have and I stole it from their wiki page. I was not really able to find anything on Google.

From what I can tell this years snowboard season is gonna have some good new music for me to ride to.

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