Perfect House

The other day while on my first trip to the BMX course, I missed the turn and continued down Salem street. While riding, I passed a different side street on my right, and turned down it. At the end of said street, I found this, the perfect house. It was hiding in this not so picturesque (perhaps its only drawback) section of Wakefield down this very unassuming street.  Though I had my camera with me, I didn’t get a picture. However, upon my second hi wheel trip to the BMX course, I returned and shot the photo below.

What to me makes this a “perfect house” is the combination of three things: the tire swing (which in turn means that there is a tree to climb), its size (the fact that it is small and is the perfect shape), and the fact that it is nestled down a tiny side street surrounded by trees. The cherry on top is the American flag hanging on a post near the side porch. The quaintness of it all was the stuff of storybooks.


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