My Spot’s Blowin’ Up

As of late, meaning over the past few weeks or so, I have actually been hanging out with people on a regular basis. This is weird for me, becuase usually I would just come home from work and do nothing (watch TV, go on computer). Only occasionally would I go out with friends.

Well now, going out with friends has become a regular occasion. Almost every Wednesday I do karaoke in Somerville and almost every Saturday I go to karaoke in Malden. On random other nights of the week we do random other things.

I feel like some people are meant to be popular and some people aren’t. Not that hanging out with friends means you’re popular, but hanging out with friends feels like what popularity is portrayed as being. The reason I say some people are meant to be (popular) and some aren’t is that I don’t know how to handle it.

I am like an old man and only very recently have I taken up texting. (See video below for explaination as to why I didn’t used to text). Getting and sending text messages on a regular basis, always being busy, never having time to chill on my own all these things are new to me and can be hard to handle.

Having a life is definitely cool and I’m going to try and appreciate not being bored for as long as it will last. It’s just an adjustment as I haven’t had this experience since the summer after Freshmen year at college when I had a girlfriend and was hanging out with my new (at the time) college friends.


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