The Game

Aight, so last night we (the song kong crew and myself) were slated to play a card game called Cards Against Humanity. My friend Alex told me about it saying it was like a  dirtier version of Apples to Apples. It is -apparently- so popular that it keeps selling out online. However, Alex thought she found it not sold out and instantly ordered it. It arrived yeasterday, but when she arrived at my house she informed us that it was apparently only an expansion pack. So, needless to say, we didn’t end up playing. However, on the CAH website one can download a PDF of the game and print it for free on card stock. I guess the plan is to print it soon, and then post the review that I was planning to post today some other day.

Additionally, this made me think of a trivia game that I have been trying to make a reality. It’s called The Snapple Facts Game.

Step one is to drink a lot of Snapple and to collect the bottle caps with Real Facts in them. After collecting a significant amount of caps the game is ready to be played.

The idea is simple and the gameplay is basic. It is probably best played in groups of four people but can be played by as few as two. It can be played with each person as an individual in a team of one or in groups; small teams of two. One team would go first picking a bottle cap and reading the Real Fact to the opposing team. The team reading the fact would omit a piece of the fact and the opposing team would have to guess what the integral -missing- part of the fact is.

EXAMPLE: Real Fact #845 A lemon contains more sugar than a strawberry.

The team asking can confer with one another on which way they want to phrase the Real Fact:

1. A blank contains more sugar than a strawberry.

2. A lemon contains more sugar than a blank.

3. A lemon contains more blank than a strawberry.

4. A lemon contains blank sugar than a strawberry.

The team guessing can choose to guess outright -with a correct answer resulting in 2 points. Or they can ask for a multiple choice of answers to pick from.

“A lemon contains more sugar than a blank.”

a) banana

b) apple

c) strawberry

d) raspberry

If the team guesses correctly, they collect the bottle cap. The objective is to collect the most, and so, the team with more bottle caps at the end of the game is the winner. You know the game is over when you run out of caps… or when you get bored, whichever comes first.

The game would or could be enhanced by involving some sort of board in order to make it a board game. That way there would be more of an objective.

*Sidenote, I know this sounds like I’m being endorsed by Snapple. I wish I was but I’m not.

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