Lake Quannapowitt Part 2

I met up with my new bike riding buddy* today for our second ride together. Initially the plan was to go to Nahant again and see a “secret spot” there. then, last night, the plan changed to going on a Boston bike ride. Then, this morning, the plan changed to Lake Quannapowitt. We met up on Upham street and rode back roads most of the way to Wakefield.

We did a counterclockwise lap around the lake stopping halfway at the Honey Dew on the other side. Oh and I forgot, a little before that we stopped by some short trees so we could climb them. In any case, after the trees and the Honey Dew, we continued around the lake and rode back to the rose where we parted ways on the Fellsway.

a pretty standard ride, nothing that special to write about or for you to read. basically just a post to post so that I don’t miss my self made goal of 1 post a day for a year.

PS I love how this blog has become -essentially my journal- and only every 4th or 5th post is interesting.

*see Nahant Part 2


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