Nashville Tom

On Friday I was pleased to welcome Nashville Tom to my home. Tom was one of the guys me and Pete met and became friends with during Mini Takes the States. Shortly after the trip was over (the end of July), Tom contacted me about coming to Boston to see a Sox game and to check out the city.

Naturally I said he was welcome to stay in my home. So, like I said, he arrived around noon on Friday and I took him on a short tour of the city before having to leave so I could attend the my friend’s wedding that evening. Tom ended up spending some time on his own before meeting up with Pete once he (Pete) got out of work. They then spent the rest of their time seeing more of the sights until I returned from the wedding later that night.

Pete, Tom, and me at the Sox/Orioles game.

Cut to the next day, yesterday, Saturday. Me, Tom, Pete, my Mom, and my Dad were slated to see a Red Sox game. Tom, a baseball fan, had never been to Fenway Park before. I was so glad to be able to show it to him. On top of that we were sitting behind three hilariously funny drunk nurses from Maine.

Then, me, Tom and Pete chased the game with a trip to the Bleacher Bar, followed by Happy’s Bar + Kitchen, followed by a meet up with Colby Ransome, followed by a trip to Popeye’s, followed by a stop at The Lower Depths before heading home.

Bleacher Bar: we went straight there after the game. (Technically the game wasn’t over, but we left at the beginning of the 11th inning). There Tom bought us a round of Sam Adams Octoberfest and Pete bought us bacon cheese fries.

Happy’s Bar + Kitchen:after that we walked down to Happy’s on Boylston. Happy’s is a pretty hip joint witch cool art and painted walls. We sat at the bar where Pete and I got girly alcoholic milkshakes. I got a Chocolate Banana milkshake (I forget what booze it had) and Pete got the Black and White milkshake  (I forget what booze it had too). Tom got a manly dark beer.

Were the shakes worth $12, probably not. Especially since I was picking up the tab at this place. It’s one of those things that I just knew about (I found out about it through Stuff Magazine) and therefore wanted to try. You see the price and think, “that’s not bad” and then, upon second thought think, “that is a decent amount of money for a desert/drink.” Yes it was filling and delicious, and yes it had hard alcohol in it, but there was barely enough hard alcohol to do anything for you (in terms of giving you a buzz).

Chocolate banana milkshake ($12)

On our way to Popeye’s we ran into a guy named Colby Ransom.

“Colby like the cheese, Ransom like the note.”

My boy Colby was the guy -who happened to be in our section- who started the wave at yesterday’s game. He was totally a bro, but cool nonetheless.

Popeye’s: our trip to this chicken based fast food restaurant was a typical one, filled with orders of copious amounts of Louisiana style chicken.

The Lower Depths: between the Bleacher Bar beer, our milkshakes, and the chicken, Pete and I were pretty full. We had food babies and were in a food coma. Tom however, hulk of a man that he is, had room for more beer, so we went to The Lower Depths were he got one drink, the last of the night, after which we finally made our way home.


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