Justice Will Be Served

This past Saturday, while hanging out in Boston with Pete and Tom, Pete informed me that Justice was going to be playing a show in New York in October.

I designed the poster above to promote the show. However, I need to give props to this guy whose sick pic of the Hammerstein Ballroom I stole in order to fill in the cross.

All day the next day I was contemplating buying a ticket. The only thing stopping me was that Pete wasn’t sure if he’d be able to come or not. Additionally, I told another friend of ours -who is also into Justice- that the show was going to happen.

I wanted to wait and see if one or both of them would want to go too so that I could buy three tickets at the same time so we could all sit together. After waiting with a trigger finger all day the next day, I was beginning to loose my patience.

By the end of the night I had a “no” from our other friend. The next morning, Tuesday, I decided, “fuck it,” and bought myself a ticket. If anyone else wants to join, they can, but I wasn’t gonna buy two tics and hope that I could get a second person to accompany me/pay me back and I wasn’t gonna get screwed out of seeing them by waiting too long to make a purchase.

The thing about me when it comes to shows is that I feel like once I know about it, the rest of the world knows about it and thus I need to get a tic right away before it sells out.


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