Yesterday, I decided to make the commitment. After an energizing phone call from one of my MttS friends, and after looking more into what qualifies as a team. I decided to officially sign up for Tough Mudder. I am now invested, literally as it costs x amount of money to register, and from now until May 11th (approximately 7 months from now) I have to dedicate a lot of my time to training.

After signing up and coming to terms with the fact that I was now committed and that I had just parted with ~$140 to do something that might kill me, I decided to go on a jog. The weather was crappy, 64 degrees and drizzly, but Tough Mudders don’t make excuses.

I felt that since I really never run, I would give myself a fairly easy route. I was only going to go down Main street, to the Jiffy Lube in Wakefield and back. A total distance of about 6 miles. Considering that running the mile back in High School used to cause me to almost vomit, I felt this would be a good test of self.

I jogged the whole 3 miles to the Jiffy Lube, a big deal for me considering that I never run or jog anywhere. Then, on the way back I walked for a bit, jogged for a bit and switched off a couple more times until I got home. My goal was to do this in 2 hours. My rough roundtrip time was around an hour and 40 minutes.

I figure if I can do this at least once a week and keep increasing the distance, I will build up enough strength and endurance for the one day TM event. I say only once a week because I know myself. I know how much this first time sucked. I know that I am great at putting things off and making excuses. If I can do this once a week with sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups thrown in on other days throughout the week I feel like I’ll have a shot.

The thing is that now, it’s still very early in the process. I have a lot of drive and I want to do this. However, I know myself and I know that very shortly, the drive to keep up with this routine will fade. This is me in regards to so many other projects in my life. I don’t put in the effort to see things through from beginning to end. I start strong and then loose steam until I quit.

Tough Mudders don’t quit and I’m hoping that the money I’ve thrown down will be enough incentive alone to keep me on task. Only time will tell.

PS weffort or “weird effort” is a term coined by my friends in regards to doing (or not doing) just enough to get by.


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