Drink, Drank, Drunk

For a while now, Christian has been telling me about an upscale cocktail bar down by the waterfront called Drink. It was -apparently- voted one of the best cocktail bars in America. The only problem is, I really don’t drink hard alcohol -I don’t like the taste of it- beer is more my thing.

This photo is borrowed from Veggie Wala; it is -I feel- the most accurate representation of the place I could find from a Google image search.

Let me start at the beginning and give you the full story.

As you already know, the first part of this past Monday was spent at the Mount Auburn Cemetery. Upon leaving, me, Alex, and Christian had made plans to go our separate ways for a few hours and then regroup later (around 9:30-10ish) to see Eyes Wide Shut.

Cut to a few hours later and Tyler had to come by to work on a project. While he was there, Christian texted me that we should go to Drink. This messed me up because I wasn’t planning on going out besides going to the movie. I should have just said “no, lets do it some other night,” but I didn’t. I just wasn’t monetarily or mentally prepared, as my brain was pre-set on just doing the movie.

Cut to a short while later and Christian is picking me up.

We get to the bar and there are zero available stools. (And this was a Monday night). We stood at the side bar and waited to be waited on. The side bar was sections of glass which underneath had bugs stuck on pins with labels below them. Shortly, we were greeted by a waitress. Christian, cooly ordered a Tom Collins. Tyler, who we convinced to come with us, ordered his drink.

Then, it was my turn to order and, like a nerd, I had to explain that I didn’t know what I wanted. The waitress asked what I usually drank to which I replied Blue Moon or New Castle. Then she scurried away.

A short while later she returned, without drinks, but, with news that there were two (not three) stools available at the bar. (In fact the two stools closest to the bottom of the photo were where two of us sat, the other stood at the corner). A little while after that our drinks arrived. The first sip was all it took, she nailed it.

Pimm’s Cup was the name of the drink. It was delicious and I wanted to just chug it, but I knew that these things are meant to be savored. The drink was an amber color with three cucumber slices in it. Next time I’ll have to take a picture of it as it was as good to look at as it was to drink. Basically there was an ice cube, a slice of cucumber, an ice cube, a slice of cucumber, an ice cube, and a slice of cucumber. It looked from the outside like there were three green stripes or rings around the inside of the glass.

Eventually we finished and our check came. My Pimm’s Cup came to $12. Long story short, Drink was a good time, I just wish I had been more monetarily prepared for it. Next time I’ll take out a loan.

Afterwards me and Christian went back to his house to watch Eyes Wide Shut.


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