Death Defied

The other day (Sunday the 14th) I went on  a ride that I’d been wanting to go on for a while. Every since me and the Sun Kong crew started going to Highland Kitchen I’ve wanted to bike there. For one it would be a new/different route for me, rather than my usual Quannapowitt rides, but for another, it would be nice to see it during the day. Also, there is a difference between driving somewhere and biking somewhere.

The map above shows the route I took to get there.* There were a few bits on the Fellsway/McGrath highway that were sketchy and felt death defying, but as they say “You never feel more alive than when you’re about to get killed.” And I will say that after surviving this ordeal, that rings true.

I was going to take a left at Cedar St, a few blcks fast Highland Kitchen to see how easy it is to get there from the Porter Sq T stop, but I forgot that Cedar was the street I needed to turn down. I ended up contionuing down Highland Ave until I found myself in familiar teritory, I had accidentally biked to Davis Sq. It ended up being a great ride. The weather was surprisingly warm and for 16 miles, it didn’t feel that long at all.

*I took essentially the same route back except I went on route 16 for a bit, then took Commercial to Lincoln to Washington.


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