You Only Live Once

YOLO the phrase, not the concept, is somehting that was only recently brought to my attention via text message. Basically the concept is doing somehting that you were gonna bitch out about, because hey, you only live once, right?

I didn’t realize that saying YOLO or using the phrase was a thing, but I have always loved the concept regardless.

MG example: The other night when we had our half marathon of Indiana Jones, our friend Lauren had to work the next day at 4:30am. However, in spite of that came over and watched -at the very least- Temple of Doom with us. Her reason for doing that, YOLO.

College example: my freshman year at college me, my roommate Greg, and my other roommate Dave would stay up late and talk about rand shit, from the profound to chicks we thought we cute on campus. We would be up until 4 or later (earlier?) just talking and during one of the convos, this sentiment was brought up by Dave: “When I’m thinking back on my college career, am I gonna be worried about the classes I missed, no I’m gonna think about the good times I shared making memories with friends.”  Though I didn’t know that the phrase was a thing at the time, this was an example of the You Only Live Once mantra.

PS the piece about is my own somewhat original “graphic design” for YOLO

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