Soul Cleansed

Last night I had my soul cleansed by some serious music.

Cut back to the other night and I’m watching Jimmy Fallon. His guest was Pete Towshend (of The Who for those of you living under a rock). Pete was promoting his new book Who I Am. He was telling  stories about Keith Moon (former drummer for The Who for those of you living under a rock) and was talking about how he wanted Keith to be more like the drummer from Booker T and The MG’s. I instantly wrote the band name down so I wouldn’t forget.

So now it’s the next day (yesterday) and I’m caught up with life, and it’s not till around 11pm when I’m down in the kitchen and I find the note I had written to myself. I instantly went upstairs and did a google search. The first track that came up (see video above) was familiar to me, one of those tracks you’d heard before, and knew existed, but that was all.

It just was. You never thought to look into it.

Well I found a playlist for BT & the MGs in the releated videos and I’ve been listening to it for the past half hour.

So good.

I need more of this in my life.


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