New York Weekend – Part 1

So, as you by now know, this past weekend, me and Pete went to NYC to see Justice. However, in addition to the show on the 21st we also just chilled with friends in Brooklyn and checked out some stores in lower Manhattan. The following is a chronicle of our adventures.

Manhattan skyline as seen from the rooftop of my friend’s apartment in Brooklyn.

Fool’s Gold Records in Brooklyn.

I was/am familiar with Fool’s Gold for 3 reasons. 1) every year at the New England auto show, Scion puts out free mix CDs of usually hip-hop or just trendy stuff. Back a few years ago, the record they gave out was mixed by none other than Fool’s Gold. 2) I -along with the rest of the world- am familiar with this classic by Duck Sauce (consisting of A-Trak and Armand Van Helden) who are on the Fool’s Gold label. 3) While watching How to Make it in America on demand, I found a “special feature” type video that highlighted Fool’s Gold as being one of the companies that inspired the show.

Evolution, a store in Soho.

Pete and I were walking through Soho and we passed this store. We were so intrigued with what we could see from the outside that we had to go in. There was all sorts of bones and taxidermy for sale.

A penny farthing at Metro Bicycles on Varick St.

This was like one of those I Spy books. We randomly walked into this bike shop and there, sitting on top of a display case, was a hi wheel.

The Empire State building as seen from High Line park.

We walked from the south end of HLP to a little more than half way [up] at 23rd street.

Williamsburg Bridge

We walked a little bit across the bridge back towards Brooklyn just so we could take some pictures on the bridge itself.

The J train on the Williamsburg Bridge.

The bridge carries cars, trains, and pedestrians (walking – right side | biking – left side) between Manhattan and Brooklyn

More pictures and stories to be continued in tomorrow’s post.


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