Halloween Party

This past Saturday night I attended a Halloween house party at a friend of a friend’s house in Malden. Me and the Sun Kong crew met up at Christian’s house (which I found out later was a two second walk from the party) and got our costumes ready. A little before 10pm we walked over and though I didn’t really know anyone it ended up being a good time. A lot more chill than I expected.

Here’s our costumes:

Me as Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie although I only went as far as the makeup, which Alex did for me.

Christian as Mick Jagger from the Start Me Up music video.


Alex as Alanis Morisette from the Thank You video. Dan was the Crack Fox from the Mighty Boosh.


Tyler was Rick James.

Jake was Fidel Castro.

Brendan was any dude from Southie.

Pete was a zombie. He was busy eating our hostess’s brains.

Lauren was Vivian from Pretty Woman.


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