Star Wars Identities

Friday morning I came downstairs to find my sister catching up on some TV shows on her computer. One of the shows she was catching up on was The Big Bang Theory. While in the guys were in the comic book shop I noticed a poster in the background that said Star Wars Identities. Being the SW nerd that I am, I was surprised I hadn’t heard of this. During the next commercial  I had Kyra look it up.

It is apparently an exhibit that is traveling to different science museums. All I hope is that it hasn’t come to Boston yet and that I missed it. From the video above, and from their website, it seems as though it should be pretty cool. It kinda looks like a bigger version of what they did for Star Wars in Concert where outside the venue there were a bunch of props and costumes. Regardless, it looks really cool and I hope I don’t (or haven’t already) miss(ed) it.

PS If I hadn’t yet mentioned this (Star Wars Detours) I’m mentioning it now. I am very much looking forward to it.


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