Justice Concert Footage – Take 2

I’d like to sort of apologize to YouTube. I guess the reason why the full 18 minute first attempt upload didn’t play through was becasue the file was fucked up. Even on my computer, playing the final Quicktime file (and not playing it in iMovie) it would only play till 8:14. How weird. To get around this I had to re-export it, this time in low quality. So now, what was already a low quality video is an even more compressed low quality video.

However, finally for your viewing and listening pleasure, here is my FULL concert footage… in shitty quality.

Compilation of my footage from from the Justice concert on Sunday, October, 21st.

Song List:

0:00 – Star Spangled Banner/Intro
1:10 – Genesis/Phantom
8:11 – Civilization
9:28 – Newjack/Civilization
10:29 – D.A.N.C.E.
12:07 – D.A.N.C.E. Rehearsal
14:33 – Waters Of Nazareth
15:27 – We Are Your Friends/Helix/Phantom
16:25 – Audio, Video, Disco

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