Training Continues

Last Friday morning (the 26th) I was planning on getting up at 9am to go for a jog -my second one so far- to train for Tough Mudders. I ignored that alarm and the one at 10 and didn’t end up going on my jog until 12:18pm. However, unlike last time, I decided to listen to music while jogging.

I chose the album above Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 because it is fairly long and has a great flow to it. Additionally, the beats provide good rhythm for keeping a pace, and the lyrics* are great motivation.

The only shitty part about the jog was that the right side of my right knee started bothering me while I was out. The jog itself wasn’t too tiring, but it was made more difficult by the fact that it felt as though someone was driving a spike into the side of my knee every time I bent it. I guess I should probably get it checked out.

Each morning my Mom works out with Wii Fit. When she first got it, while she was doing the jogging in place or the step thing, I put on Alive 2007 and it was crazy how well it fit for a workout. I feel like Wii should capitolize on this and make a Daft Punk workout game.

*stuff like: harder, better, faster, stronger; I know you need it, I need it too, I know you need it, it’s good for you; steam machine; prime time of your life


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