Carpe Diem

Since Friday was my day off and I felt I had been busy a lot lately, I decided when I got up that I was going to seize the day.

Here is a rough idea of the route I took on Friday.

A) Sportello

Photo courtesy of kaper22

B) Lot F gallery

C) Ben Sherman

An image of the shirt I bought; courtesy of Ben Sherman dot com.

D) Urban Outfitters

E) Fourth Wall Project

Art by Pac23

F) Mixx/Chris and Simon’s apartment

—the detailed story

I woke up at around 1:30pm after yet another late night. I instantly went onto google maps to plan the route I wanted to take, (the route in the top part of the post). Seeing that the places were so spread out and that I didn’t want to use my T pass a bunch of times, I decided to bike to Oak Grove and then bike to all the different places I wanted to visit.

I got off at Downtown Crossing and biked the short (would have been shorter had I not accidentally gone the wrong way) distance to Sportello. I had heard a lot about it, and since I’ve been to the area a bunch recently, I decided to eat there. The place is very nice with clean modern lines. The prices were higher than I’m used to paying but nothing astronomical. I felt a bit out of place with how sort of fancy it was. A good example was when the waiter brought me bread and some yogurt looking stuff, I didn’t realize it was meant to be spread on the bread. I’m so not cultured. In any case the veggie panini I had was very good and I ended up taking half of it with me.

Next I headed back towards the financial district to go to Lot F. However, when I got to the street it was on, I didn’t remember the address. I wasn’t in the mood to lock up my bike again (after having just unlocked it) and dig through my bag (which I’d just straightened out) to look for the address. I didn’t see anything that said “Lot F” on any of the buildings (it was probably right in front of me) so I just moved on to my next destination.

I headed towards China town and took a right onto Essex, a one way that had me riding into oncoming traffic. It wasn’t long before I hopped onto the sidewalk, now having to dodge pedestrians. Soon however, I was behind a slow couple and saw a gap between them and the light post we were approaching. I tried to exploit the gap and thread the needle between them and the light post. However, upon doing so, I misjudged how close I was to the edge of the sidewalk and my front tire slipped off. I tried to correct, turning back into the curb which made things worse and sent me straight to the pavement. Luckily there wasn’t a car coming and all that was bruised was my ego.

I then sped off in a different direction, and, after a bit of course correction, made my way to Newbury street. I stopped in at Ben Sherman where I was looking for a skinny tie. However the only ties they had were $75 to which I was like “eff that.” However, I made my way upstairs to see what else they had. To my surprise I saw the exact short sleeve button up shirt I’d seen online for $85, here for $59. What a bargain (thats a joke). I took a picture of it, figuring I’d show my Mum so she could get it for me for x-mas but then the salesman asked if I wanted to try it on. The XS, which I thought would be too small, fit perfectly and I ended up throwing down the $60 for the shirt. Even now, as I write this, I can’t believe I did that.

I then continued down Newbury following the lead of other cyclists that were either ballsier or stupider than me, weaving their way between cars and tiny gaps in traffic. Seeing this made me understand how so many cyclists get killed by vehicles in traffic. Eventually, after all the squirming, I was able to exploit a big gap in traffic that went from the last stop sign on Newbury Street, all the way to Mass Ave. I took full advantage of it making my way to my next destination, Urban Outfitters.

There I was looking for perhaps another clearance shirt like the one I bought a few weeks ago at the Harvard Sq location. I didn’t see any, but did see a nice striped t-shirt that I didn’t need. However, I was strong and resisted the urge to buy it anyway. Besides, I thought, with the leftovers and the Ben Sherman shirt, my bag was running out of room. I looked for one more thing -skinny ties- before I left, only to find none that I liked.

Next I made my way down a dark Comm Ave (thank god for bike lanes) where I then had to deal with the crazy Kenmore Sq intersection to get over to Brookline Ave. Eventually I did, and then it was a simple ride to Fourth Wall Project. Upon entering the gallery, I was greeted by a dog who I ignored. I then proceeded to take pictures of every piece of art in the gallery. I spoke with Oliver (owner[?] of Bodega and Fourth Wall) for a bit about the gallery and what not, before taking a second, photo free, tour of the art. I then took a few moments to reconvene on a bench in the gallery, sending a text to my friend Chris that I  was on my way over to his place.

I made my way back up Brookline Ave, to Kenmore Square where I accidentally went down Beacon Street instead of Comm Ave. I made a quick course correction and was soon, once again, in the safety of a bike lane that took me straight to Chris and Simon’s apartment in Allston. If the day thus far was me riding a wave of momentum, this was the part where the wave broke and I was left trudging through the water in order to get to the beach.

After locking up my bike a little ways down their street. I made my way into the apartment. Here, time began to slow down. I arrived at 6 and wouldn’t leave till 10. My thought was that we would, despite the cold, go to Mixx, a frozen yogurt place I’d seen the last time I was there, that is practically across the street from their apartment. However, perhaps due to my lack of assertiveness, we stayed in their apartment where all we did was sit around, watch a bit of Crossfire Hurricane,* and sang a few songs on their PS3 karaoke game (which is so not as fun as actually going out to karaoke).

Additionally, I was under the impression that we were just going to go to a bar around their place. But, as 10 o’clock approached and we still were in their building, it was brought up that we were going to take a cab to Central Square. Though my original intent had been to spend the night at their place, something about the change in mood and vibe of the evening just wasn’t sitting right with me. I knew I had to work the next day, not till 3, but still, the reality of the fact I was gonna have to: get up the next day (having slept in my clothes and having to leave in the same clothes I’d slept in), bike through  the morning cold to the nearest Orange line T stop, then take the T to Oak Grove, then bike home all after a (probable) crappy nights sleep on a futon, really sank in.

I knew that I wasn’t going to want to deal with this and that the stress of having to work [the next day] was going to prevent me from having a good night. So, I decided to be a wet blanket and just bike back to Boston (and onwards home) then and there. Though I disappointed the guys, I knew it was best for me to get back so I could sleep in my own bed, have a shot at getting to bed before 3 or 4am, and I would be less stressed, so that’s what I did.

*This was the only good thing since I was able to see the first 45 mins that I had missed. However, since everyone was talking the whole time, I still need to see the beginning again.


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