Fear No Art

The following are some out of focus pictures from the Fear No Art exhibit at Fourth Wall Project. They aren’t crappy and blurry on purpose but, maybe their poor quality will inspire you to go down and check them out for yourself.

“Love Bubbles” by Simone Legno; one of my favorite pieces at the show.

Graffiti American flag; another one of my favorite pieces at the show.

“Crimewave (A & B)” by Pac23

Mickey Mouse Gloves making the LA sign.

Boom – cool comic book/cartoon style art.

This was by no means my favorite piece at the exhibit, however, it might be the most interesting and unique. It combined traditional paint elements with actual parts of sneakers -the laces, the logos, the tongue- and incorporated them into the design. Each piece in the series was a different sneaker exploded in this tiki looking god. It, to me, was a comment on “sneaker head” culture and how certain pairs of sneakers have achieved a “godlike” status.

The piece on the left was called “A Penny For Your Thoughts.” The canvas was a block of wood, and the whole left side of the background was covered in pennies. I don’t know the name of the piece on the right, it might have been called “Obama Hope” or “Obama Forward.” Either way, I loved how the American flag in the background was made out of pennies and nickels and then painted over. Perhaps a nod to the state of our economy?

These, to me, looked like old tattoo art.

Silk screen prints of girls faces on paper.

Vandal At Heart

Some of them I omitted becasue I personally wasn’t a fan of the art, or the photo didn’t come out well at all. However, that is all the more reason for you to go down to Fourth Wall to see this exhibit


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