I bought my second ever* pack of smokes the other day. I had been asking Christian how smokers choose their cigarette brand. He then went on to explain how he settled into the brands that he currently smokes. However, he also pointed out to me a brand called Nat Sherman.

He told me that he loved Black and Golds because they were well packed, had superior taste, and that the gold filter didn’t stick to his lip. However, he said he no longer smoked them because they are hard to find and more expensive than what he usually buys. He told me this on Wednesday and though his Birthday wasn’t [isn’t] until Monday, we were all going out to celebrate on Friday.

So, after I got out of work on Thursday morning, I made my way into Boston where I visited a smoke shop that claimed to sell Nat Sherman cigs. The only negative was that they didn’t have Black and Golds and that the only other flavor/style that had the gold filters that they sold were Fantasia.

These are pretty girly as they [the cigarettes] come in a bunch of different colors. However, I figured that he could get over looking girly for a pack of butts that he’d really enjoy.

In the end my guess was correct and the cigs were greatly appreciated.

*The first pack I bought was Newport 100s for my neighbor in Fitchburg.


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