Objectified Adventure

The other night, me and the Sun Kong crew watched a documentary called Objectified that I’ve had for a while and had seen a few times before. After seeing it this time however, I instantly found myself obsessed with the first product they show, the Air Chair.

Air Chair by Herman Miller

This lead me to Herman Miller, a company that designs furniture. I looked to see if they had any retail locations in the area, and, naturally, there was one down by the waterfront in Boston. Additionally, in my many recent encounters in the area, I have walked by a furniture store called Knoll. I decided that the next day -yesterday- I would go on a little Boston adventure to these two stores, so that is what I did.

The first place I went was the Boston Design Center which is essentially a mall for rich people to shop at. It has a lot of high end furniture retailers, as well as retailers of several other products; graphic design firms, beer, etc. My destination was on the 7th floor* of the BDC in suit 734, the Herman Miller/Creative Office Pavilion.

Noguchi table by Herman Miller.

There I was greeted by the table pictured above. I instantly recognized it from the set of Conan. Looking around, there was a pretty small display floor, and the rest seemed to be a working office. I asked the receptionist if I could just look around freely and she suggested I have someone guide me.

Upon the arrival of my “guide” I was asked what I was interested in seeing. I said the Air Chair, but was instead brought to a random office chair from their collection. The funny thing was that upon describing the chair, the saleswoman had no idea what I was talking about. It wasn’t until she pulled out a catalogue that she knew what I meant, and even then she told me they didn’t have any.

This surprised me, however, she suggested giving her my info -which I did- and that she would call or e-mail me when the chair comes in so I could try it out.

After coming away with nothing but a 2013 Herman Miller catalogue (which is actually sick) I made my way to my second and final destination, Knoll.

There, I got the same sort of out of place, “what are you doing here,” type feeling that I had gotten at Herman Miller. Regardless, I did accomplish the main goal that I set out to achieve, sit on a Barcelona chair.

Barcelona chair

It turned out to be quite comfortable, and, as was the case at HM, I came out with a catalogue. Additionally, while leaving the area, I notice for a second time a place that seems as though it will be opening up soon called Trillium, a brewing company. If it turns out to be a little bar, you know there will be a review about it when it opens.

*It took me past a graphic design company called Pilot that looked like a sick art studio. I asked if I could take a picture and they said I couldn’t because they were working on top secret (they used a more elegant phrase) stuff.


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