Drive Review

For those of you who haven’t seen this, or initially had had no intention of seeing this, throw away all your preconceived notions. Drive was a very solid movie in several categories; cinematography, pacing, editing, and story line/script.

This movie was, in my opinion, not advertised the right way. To me it looked like another stupid high action, no story, dumb movie with a lot of explosions (see Fast Five, The Transporter sequels, ect.)

Instead it was a well thought out, well acted, well shot movie. I know that the people who did see it, or who wanted to see it were looking for just another one of the aforementioned block busters that are just set out to make money, but have no actual substance. Either that or they wanted to see a car movie with a lot of unbelievable driving maneuvers.

Drive is not that movie.

I had been urged by a friend -whose taste I do respect and who ended up being the one to show it to me- to watch it, but I was still opposed to seeing it because of these preconceived notions. However, I have finally seen it, and I am nothing if not a man who can admit when he’s wrong. Though I do not have a hard-on over Drive like that friend does, I will say that it is a film worth watching.

Sidenote: I did not know that it was rated R (I thought it was just PG-13) going into it, which was a shocker, cause damn some shit goes down in that movie.

PS I will add that there is a decent amount of gratuitous violence that seems to just be there for the sake of having it, or for shock value and not for any means of storytelling. That would be my only real complaint or critique.


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