The other day, while on the same Boston adventure that lead to my purchase of Bitches Brew, I was browsing around Newbury Comics. I was looking for a CD that I have had a tough time finding. Though I didn’t find the CD, I did find these…

Shwings! This product, a word merge of shoe and wings, was exactly something I didn’t know I was looking for. I didn’t expect them to exist.

Jump back to a conversation Alex and I were having about how she wants a pair of Jeremy Scott Adidas. This lead to me sending her an e-mail with pictures of these flats.

Jeremy Scott x Adidas ballet flats

It then made me think that these could be more easily made on ones own than they would be to acquire, and it would be a lot cheaper. Additionally it would make for a fun DIY project that would allow you to say yours were unique and hand crafted by you. However, I assumed that we would have to buy fabric and sew the wings ourselves. But, thanks to “shoe-wings,” we can cut that difficult step out of the DIY project.

Still not sure if we’re gonna end up chopping into a pair of flats. She’ll probably just put them (the Shwings) on a pair of shoes she already owns and use them as intended. Either way, they made for a good sporadic late birthday/early Hanukkah present.


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