Uniform is a store in the South End that I had passed by one time either while on a cruise with Christian or during one of my bike rides over the summer. Either way, it wasn’t until months later (perhaps around October 25th-ish), that I went there for the first time.

Uniform blog headerBlog header image stolen from Uniform their Tumblr.

Uniform was having a Ben Sherman event so me and Christian went to check it out. It (the event) was alright but there was nothing from the BS collection that I loved or that I couldn’t have just bought at Ben Sherman on Newbury St. The store however, though small, was pretty cool and they carried some well designed, high priced* products.

More recently, on this “over-milked-for-posts” Thursday excursion I went back to Uniform to buy a Christmas present for a friend who hopefully doesn’t read this blog. However, even if they do read it, I haven’t revealed what I bought and I haven’t revealed what friend I bought (un)said thing for. So, it should still be a surprise.

*Slowly, I’m getting used to the fact that if you want nice or well designed things, you need to be willing to pay a little more for them.


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