The Gallows

Monday was my Dad’s 51st birthday. I had not bought him a gift, so instead, I wanted to take him -and the rest of my [immediate] family- out to a nice restaurant. I have been seeing and hearing about a lot of nice restaurants in Boston lately, but I haven’t had a reason to go to any of them. My Dad’s birthday gave me a reason.

The Gallows - restaurantThe Gallows on Washington Street in the South End. Photo courtesy of Kaper22.

So, last night, the four of us went out for an “out-of-the-ordinary” nice dinner. A restaurant like this is typically not up my family’s alley. We are not very upscale or fancy and would just as easily be satisfied at a Denny’s than we would be at a place like this.

Showing up at 5:30-ish led to the place being essentially empty. It started out a bit awkward, not much conversation and everyone thinking or feeling like we were out of place. I immediately regretted the decision to take everyone there because I felt like I was trying to force our family into a mold in which they didn’t belong. However, as the night went on and our orders arrived, things began to loosen up.

More patrons arrived -stealing the focus from us- so we no longer felt like the center of attention, and the food gave us all something to talk about. The conversation, combined with the great tasting food, turned around the mood-and-feel of the evening. And, despite the fact my parents would never go to a place like that on their own, the night ended up being a success.


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