Highland Kitchen Halloween Party – Part 2

As the saying goes, “better late than never.” Back on the 31st of October, as you know, I went to Highland Kitchen for Karaoke. At the end of the night, Brian -the guy who runs karaoke- got a few pics of me in my Jailbot costume.

Since that night we have become better friends, rather than him just being some guy who runs karaoke, and I have been asking him to send them to me. Well, finally my boy came through and sent me two picture texts. However, because I live in the 1800s and still have a flip phone, and not some fancy “smart phone,” I wasn’t able to get the pics from my phone, to my computer.

So, what I had to do was forward the messages/photos to Alex who has an iPhone so she could e-mail them to me. And so, after that long process, without further a due, here are the rest of the pics from Halloween at Highland Kitchen.

Jailbot + Brians GFMe with Brian’s girlfriend.

Jailbot refuelingJailbot, like Bender, uses alcohol to refuel.


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