Coke Bottle Guitar

I could have sworn after the last time I watched It Might Get Loud, that I wrote a blog post on this. However, a few searches of a few choice phrases would lead me to believe that I never did.

This post then is in refence to the opening scene of It Might Get Loud, in which Jack White makes a diddley bow, or a coke bottle guitar, or a slide guitar.

Every time I see this scene I am inspired to buy the raw materials, and go out to my Dad’s workshop, and build this guitar.

There are several articles that you can find online that will tell you how to make a diddley bow. You’ll get different articles depending on what you type in; how you choose to phrase your query.

I had found one on the website for The Chicago Tribune, shortly after seeing It Might Get Loud. However, upon searching for that same article again, I was left with dismay by the fact that it didn’t seem as in depth as I remember it. For one there were no pictures and the instructions weren’t as well laid out. Almost as if someone went in and changed it. I hate it when they [websites] do things like that.

Regardless, I am now once again in the mood to make one of these guitars. Maybe I’ll buy the materials with Christmas money.


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