The other day, after eating at The Gallows, we stopped in to a girly little gift shop my sister wanted to look at. Inside there was one item that stood out to me, an action figure sized Mexican wrestler that served as a quirky bottle opener. The name on the label was Kikkerland.

Luchador Bottle OpenersImage “borrowed” from Kikkerland

I instantly went home and googled the company. They, like other companies I will be posting about over the next few days, specialize in making creative products that do every day tasks. I love suff like this, and part of me would one day want to fill my home with these products so that every thing you interacted with mad you smile.

However, I see two problems with this. 1) Would these quirky things get boring if you used them every day and thus would they loose their special-ness? 2) Upon buying numerous items like this, you are setting yourself up to be “that house,” the house with all the cool shit. This is fine, if you don’t mind shaping your home and your household lifestyle around this persona.


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  1. No way I’d get tired of these! Every bottle opened would be muy especial!

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