The LEGO Story

The other day, while at work, I was asked to help neaten the toy aisles. While there I kept finding myself drawn -I suppose as I usually am- to the LEGO aisle. When I got out of work, I was reminded of this video that was being promoted on the home screen on Comcast’s On Demand channel. It was a short animated film about the history of the LEGO company.

I watched it that night and found it very enjoyable and informative. The fact that the word LEGO was derived from the Danish words “leg godt” meaning “play well,” but also that “lego” in Latin means “I study” or “I put together” is very interesting.

I’ve always loved LEGOs but I rarely get the chance to play with them or build them anymore. It makes me look forward to eventually having a kid so we can build together.

The video can be found On Demand under Kids > LEGO TV > Movies and More > The LEGO Story; or you can just watch it above.


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