Brew Review

I finally tried my Bitches Brew that I’ve had sitting in my fridge since November 29th. The beer is very dark and is definitely meant to be sipped and enjoyed. This, however was not how I enjoyed it. The other night the Sun Kong crew (now more appropriately the Highland Kitchen crew) came by for our weekly movie night.

We were set to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I was not excited as this -like so many other movies that are “must sees”- I had no interest in seeing. However, I had a plan. I decided that I would drink the entire bottle of Bitches Brew before and during the movie. So that it would make it more enjoyable.

Mission Accomplished - Star Fox 64

My plan worked beautifully. I was nice and buzzed, and not really able to focus or pay attention at all during the movie. I just kept sippin’ my beer, eating my popcorn, and having the occasional Oreo. For what my non-sober brain was able to absorb, I still could not tell you what the big deal with this movie is and why it is so loved.

It wasn’t funny, the pacing was very slow, and the story doesn’t really go anywhere, and there’s a lot of dull, awkward down time in the movie where not much happens. Regardless, I can say I’ve seen it, and it met my low expectations.

Oh yeah, the beer. The beer was good; dark, fairly heavy, sort of coffee-ey, Guinness-ey, Sam Adams Chocolate Bock-ey. I wouldn’t normally go for it but it was enjoyable. However, like I said, it is really meant to be tasted, drank slowly, and enjoyed. Not consumed to get tipsy the way I did.


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