Rules Of Engagement

The following is a list I’ve compiled of “does” and “don’ts” for making a smoother business transaction while dealing with cashiers during this holiday season and throught the year. The list also includes a bunch of pet peeves of mine that customers do.

-Have cash ready

-Have ID ready if paying via check or buying medication or items that may require ID; ie. canned air, lighters, M rated games, etc.

-Swipe card at beginning of transaction or once last item is scanned. Do not wait for all items to be bagged, as long as they’re scanned, you’re good.

-Pay attention and make sure all questions are answered or things are signed on credit card machine when paying with debit or credit card

-Remove hangers from clothes before placing them on the belt

-Put bagged items back into the cart once they have been bagged

-Don’t put your purse, wallet, or money on the belt

-Hand money to cashier, do not place it on the counter

-Do not attempt to bag items yourself

-Ask for extra bags, do not take them yourself

-Only help bag an item if you are asked

-[Conversely] Do feel free to help wrap items in tissue paper if there are a lot of items that need to be wrapped

-Do not let your kids pay for themselves (they don’t know how to handle/deal with money)

-Keep control of your kids

-Move the cart close to cashier so he/she can place bagged items in it

-Do not fold clothes inside one another and lay them on belt

-Do not stack items

-Once items are on the belt, leave them there. Do not re-order or re-arrange them.

-Do not hand items on belt to the cashier

-Lay top-heavy items (soda, shampoo, anything that might fall down, etc.) down on belt

-Keep heavy items (dog food, cases of water, cases of soda, etc.) in cart

-Inform cashier of gift receipts needed as items are rung up

-Hand items you do not want to cashier at beginning of transaction. Do not leave them at the end of the register

-Leave shopping basket on the floor at the entrance [end] of the register

-Do not leave items in shopping basket and place basket on belt

-Remove all items from wicker baskets, trash/plastic buckets, and any other storage items you may be buying and place them on the belt

-Hand all reusable bags to cashier at beginning of transaction before first item is scanned

-Put carts back into their rows in the store if you are not taking them out to your car

-Do not leave carts at front or back of register

-Make sure all items have tags, bar codes, or DPCIs

-Place clothing neatly -not in an unorganized blob- on the register

-Use item dividers

-Do not put gift cards on the belt

-“Please” goes a long way


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