What I Got For Christmas

Crimbus Presents

Dunks Gift Card

Reese’s Pieces

LEGO Star Wars Ornament

Best Buy Gift Card – hopefully to be spent on AKIRA

Urban Outfitters Gift Card

“Switchblade” Mustache Comb (gag gift)

Japanese Graffiti Book

Two Neck Ties

A Scarf

A Belt

Assorted Hot Sauces

Two Pairs of Grey Skinny Jeans

Ben Sherman Button Up Long Sleeve Shirt

Flannel Shirt

White Dress Shirt

Enter The Void (Blu Ray)

THX-1138 (Blu Ray)

Little Nemo (DVD; not to be confused with Finding Nemo)

Cool Runnings (DVD)

LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heros for Nintendo Wii


I bought Ted for my family on Blu Ray and -over the past few months- a few things for myself…

Silver Sharpies

The Hundreds Tropic Johnson Low shoes

Red Button Up long sleeve (Urban Outfitters)

Orange Button Up short sleeve (Ben Sherman)

Bitches Brew (vinyl)

Bitches Brew (beer; Dogfish Head)

Red Flannel Button Up long Sleeve (Target)

The Delfonics (vinyl; Hanukkah present)

Captain’s Hat (pictured on pillow of my bed)


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