Super 8 (Not What You Think)

While the Christmas festivities were happening, my aunt busted out her lap top to show us all this old Super 8 footage she (or my grandpa) had had converted to a DVD. While we were watching it, I asked if they still had the camera. My grandpa brought me down to the basement and thus we began the search.

Bell & Howell 311 camera manual cover

Not long after, we found it, his late 1960s early 70s Bell & Howell 311 Super 8 camera! I was super pumped, not only that we found it, but how good the condition was. On top of that we saw that he still had the owners manual.

We are planning on going down to Hunts (a local camera shop) soon to see if it would still work, how much it’s worth (not that we’re gonna sell it), and if we can get film for it.

Fingers crossed, I hope to soon be shooting vintage style footage on a vintage style camera.

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