International Poster Gallery

Before going to work this past Saturday, I took a quick trip into Boston. My plan was to go to Johnny Cupcakes on Newbury Street, the Army Navy Store on Mass Ave, and the First Act Guitar Studio on Boylston. Though these other locations had varying levels of success, there was one unexpected detour that made the trip, overall, worth my while.

While on Newbury street, heading towards JC, I saw -for the hundredth time- a store called the International Poster Gallery. For whatever reason, this time I looked at it more closely, having always admired the Underground style logo.

Luftvaerns Dagen

Upon entering, I was greeted by many recognizable travel posters, advertisements, and event posters, all of which are originals. For the big prints I didn’t see anything below $1,200, however, the art was beautiful and very well taken care of. Even if you aren’t a designer you could spent hours browsing the posters on their website.

—How the rest of my trip went

At JC they didn’t sell the shirt I was looking at online, in the store

At the Army Navy Store they had the hat I was looking for, a sailor captain hat that I’ve wanted for a while, so I bought it.

At the First Act studio… well, I can’t really say. It didn’t seem to be there. I had been to it several time before, back in ’06 or ’07 and now it seems it has disappeared.


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