Package Design

Aight, so first some backstory. Yesterday’s post about the International Poster Gallery had been written on the 22nd. Because of the delay from when it was written to when I posted it, I had time to do a little online shopping. On xmas, I went ahead and bought an XS of the black Johnny Cupcakes shirt mentioned in the IPG post.

And so…

My JC shirt was in a box on my porch when I got home from doing errands on Thursday. The first instantly apparent thing was that the box was not your ordinary cardboard box, but rather one designed by JC. Upon opening the box, I found my shirt was wrapped in a red zip lock bag that was in turn, wrapped in cool JC tissue paper.

Inside that ziplock bag -besides my shirt- was a little booklet with a history of the company and some cool pictures, a little baggie w/ a candy, a JC pin, a little JC sticker, a TMNT trading card, and a JC business card, as well as an oversized hang tag with cool Sheppard Fairey-esque graphic design on it.

Johnny Cupcakes packaging

I gotta say that I am not really a big fan of JC. I’m not a dude who wears all his t-shirts and has gauges, or piercings*, or tattoos- but this was cool. This is the first and probably the only shirt I will ever buy by JC but, I will concede that the man knows marketing and that additionally he knows design.

*I used to have my lip pierced


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