Skinny Ties – Part 2

Ever since posting the Skinny Ties dot com post, I have wanted to order 3 ties from their site. However, I wanted to wait until after Christmas to order them, on the chance that my mom bought them for me. On Christmas morn I did find two ties under the tree, but I didn’t like either one. I then went up to my room and filled my virtual cart with the three ties I wanted.

However, I didn’t buy them right then. I was waiting until xmas was over to see if I’d get any money from my relatives. Sure enough, my grandpa gave me enough cash to cover the ties and once I got home from his house, I placed my order.

Skinny Ties

The ties came that Friday, the 28th. I will say I was a bit shocked by how skinny they were. I should have known what to expect. The website did say that they were only 1 inch wide but I guess I was just so bent on getting skinnier ties than the ones I have, that I didn’t really give it much thought.

As it turns out, though they don’t look exactly like I was expecting them to, I do like them and will definitely wear them.


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