Chris Harris Sold Me A Car

Now that I have your attention with this purposely misleading headline, let me explain. For one, I did not actually meet Chris Harris*, that would be a story in itself. For another, I was not actually sold a car or anything for that matter, but rather, sold on the idea of a car.

The other day I was watching this sort of old review of the McLaren MP4-12c. I was never entirely convinced that this was the supercar for me. I wasn’t all that impressed by its looks and nothing about it really stood out as something that I would want to spend hundreds-of-thousands-of- dollars on. Because clearly I do have hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars to spend on a car, which is why I ride a penny farthing and have a blog about it.

In any case, my point is that Chris did -and always does- an excellent job at making both positive and negative realistic arguments for why he liked or disliked aspects of the car. Additionally, I got the sense that I could actually own one and live with it on a daily basis (basically the entire point of the film/review) and it wouldn’t just be this gaudy fashion accessory. It probably helped that the one he was driving was black, rather than the usual orange, and thus made the car feel more human and less like a space ship.

*For those of you who don’t know Chris Harris is a British journalist who reviews cars. Then again, if you didn’t know who he was, you probably wouldn’t have been drawn in by the headline in the first place.

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