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The spirit of buying things for Christmas has got it’s hold on me and it won’t let go. This would be good if it were things for others but, selfishly, the things I’m interested in are things for me.

Benny Gold x The Hundreds Johnson low shoesBenny Gold x The Hundreds Johnson Low shoes; image stolen from The Hundreds dot com.

These are $90, not bad for shoes partially made out ostrich leather (I ❤ ostrich leather). However, as you know I did just by my limited edition Tropic Johnson Lows a couple months ago.

Reyes "adam bomb" boardshortsReyes “Adam Bomb” boardshorts; image stolen from The Hundreds dot com.

I’ve loved these since I first saw them when they released this past summer. Only thing I didn’t like was the 52 dollar price tag. It seemed a bit high for a bathing suit. However, now The Hundreds is having a 30% off sale and they are only $34. (Un)fortunately, they seem to be out of stock on their website.

Carve 2 boardshortsCarve 2 boardshorts; image stolen from The Hundreds dot com.

I was even looking at these as a backup pair. The way the bomb logo is laid out matches perfectly with the Hundreds shirt I already own. However, they too seem to be out of stock.

Leroy's Boy -Invisible Creature- shirtInvisible Creature “Leroy’s Boy shirt; image stolen from Invisible Creature dot com.

I was randomly on the Invisible Creature website in December and I saw this shirt. The shirt was/is only $32 with shipping. On Christmas I decided to buy it, but every time I went to submit my order I got an error message that read, “Invalid Credit Card.” Clearly the universe doesn’t want me buying these things.

Modern Amusement Anchor LS button upModern Amusement Anchor LS woven shirt at Pac Sun.

Lastly, the other day at work a kid that came through my line wearing the shirt pictured above. I asked him where he got it and he told me Pac Sun. I went on their website and saw it for $39. Not bad, but I really don’t need it. As it is I’m having trouble deciding what to wear with all the new button up shirts I got for Christmas so this would just add more confusion to the mix.

Luckily, my paycheck was not as big as I thought it would be and thus I can’t really afford to piss it all away on these useless things. Besides, at the end of the day they’re all just things.


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