Northern Strand Community Trail

Yesterday I went on an impromptu hi wheel ride thanks to the lovely 52 degree weather provided by global warming. I started by making my way into Malden. There I  took a right onto Salem street (A), past the Salemwood Elementary school, and down to a set of lights. At the lights I made a random decision to take a left down a side street; Bryant Street. This nondescript side street led me to what ended up being 85% of the rest of my ride, the Northern Strand Community Trail which is part of the East Coast Greenway.

Partial_Bike_RouteA) where I “started.” B) the spot in Everett with all the paved intersecting paths. C) the way I took home.

Link to the full map; roughly the route I took on my ride yesterday.

The trail is pretty crappy. It is essentially just gravel that goes through the back sides of warehouses and stuff; a good place for murders. However, in spite of the sketchiness and the poor condition of the path, it was cool to know that this actually exists. How did I not know about it? Also, it felt like a cool sort of adventure where I had time to just be alone and think and ride.

There was one spot I came to in Everett that had a bunch of paved intersecting paths (B) on what used to be marshland. It was like this hidden park behind this industrial area right near a Best Buy. I then took a right onto Route 16 W and another right at the Wellington Station exit where I continued home (C).

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