The [Dive] Bar [From AKIRA]

I recently acquired AKIRA on Blu-Ray and watched it for my third time ever. It never fails to perform, entertain, and astound me. It is so visually beautiful, as most anime is, that it sucks you into its world and makes you want to exist there. Specifically, the dive bar our protagonists visit in the beginning of the movie (and then later towards the end). So, I have decided -as I’ve said with many other things from movies*- that I want to make this fictional place a reality.

Exterior / Street View of the Bar Entrance

In order to remain true to the movie it would have to be in a sketchy part of Tokyo, preferably with a busted car parked out front. Sort of a landmark to let fans/passers by know, “Yeah, you’re in the right spot.”

Stairway Entrance with Red Metal Door

Of course it goes without saying that the bar would be below street level and would have a green stairwell leading to a red metal door; the entrance.

Interior Couch Booths

Once inside, immediately to the left would be two arcade games (see two pictures down). Beyond that would be super cushy booths made from crappy old couches.

Other Couch Booths

Across from them would be another set of crappy couch booths.

View (of entrance) From Behind Bar

Looking out from behind the bar gives you a pretty good overall feel of how things are laid out… at least the left side of the establishment.

Looking out from Behind the Bar

Using these screen shots -and a few others I didn’t include- I was able to work out a simple yet comprehensive floor plan for such a bar. All I need to do now is to take a trip to Japan, find a location, get some financial backing, and build it.

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  1. LD Madden

    I think a search for the “Harukiya” bar in Akira brought me here. I like this post because I really liked the dive bar imagery in the movie (which I’m using as wallpaper for my phone). Guess I’m not the only one! I also happen to resemble the Barman a fair bit!!

    Time to watch this movie again I think.

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