Bike Photo Adventure

While on my random hi wheel ride the other day, I saw a few things that I wished I had had my camera for. So, the other day, I retraced some of my steps so I could capture a few of those things.

Everett Graffiti

This was the graffiti I saw from that random marsh-ey field area with all the paved paths on it I had found while on the Everett part of the Northern Strand Community Trail.

Industrial Chair

This random chair was just sitting undisturbed in this sketchy industrial area where the North Strand Community Trail pours out after the cool mash-ey area. It looked cool just sitting there and felt like the perfect opportunity to take an “artsy” photo of it like something that would be on Instagram.

Salted Nuts Teddie Peanut Butter

After rounding the corner of the industrial area, to a refreshing view of Best Buy and Route 16, I couldn’t help but notice this, an old billboard type sign for Teddie Peanut Butter. I don’t know if this was/is the location of the factory or if it’s just an old leftover sign that they decided not to take down. Either way it looked cool, so I shot it.

Two photos are missing from this post. The first is one of the Orange line from behind this parking structure in Malden. I had seen it on the first trip and wanted to get it then, but like I said I had no camera. This time I waited awkwardly by the parking structure for the train to come by, but when it did I wasn’t really ready and thus got a blurry picture of it. I was too cold and lazy to wait in this awkward exposed location for another train to come by, so I moved on to my next shot.

The second picture was one that was not on my original plan. While riding down the road that runs parallel to the tracks that lead to Wellington, a train was coming and something about it looked really cool. However, since I wasn’t expecting it, I didn’t get my camera out in time. I was gonna try and get it on the way back but a) despite charging it, my battery was dead, and b) I had just missed a train and again was not gonna wait in the cold for another. So, short story long, I will have to take another bike photo adventure and get these pics which will lead to another BS post. Then again, aren’t they all BS?




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