Bike Photo Adventure – Part 2

Oddly enough, though it didn’t post until yesterday, the first bike photo adventure actually took place on the 15th. The follow up took place on the 17th, and thus fit perfectly into this post slot to post one day after the first one. However, I realize that none of this is important and that it probable only makes sense to me, so here are the photos.

Orange Line with Parking Structure in Malden

I still wasn’t able to get the exact angle or shot that that had in my head, but I got something, so there it is.

Train to Wellington

Pretty much the same thing happened with the second shot. I left later than I should have, it was cold, I was loosing light, my camera lens isn’t wide enough, and my camera takes so long between shots that I was only to get one “ok” shot each time the train went by.

So, this make up shoot was kind of a failure.

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