On The Map

I’ve had this idea for a while now, I’m sure it’s not original but I wanted to do it anyway. The idea was/is to put a “Google Maps ‘A'” in the front yard of my house for a few reasons: a) we would stand out more, b) cause it’s fun and quirky, and c) so that people who didn’t know where I live and were coming to visit the first time would easily be able to find our house.

Google Maps 'A'

The one you see in the picture is made out of foam board. It was just thrown together and taped to an existing metal pole that was just sitting in our front yard. I plan to make a bigger one out of wood that I would either paint pink or green so it looked even more like the ones in Google maps. Additionally, I want to add a little bubble that says The DeStefanos and has our address just like the ones that appear when you click on a restaurant or location in Google maps; it shows the restaurant’s name, address, phone number, website, etc.

Hopefully I stick to it and actually follow through with this plan instead of just talking about it and putting it off like I do with so many other things. However, if I don’t follow through, at least I have the half assed one.



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