Capsule Show (The Scheme)

This whole New York adventure to the Capsule Show was riding on a bit of a scheme. I was hoping that I would get in, under the guise of being a freelance writer for the Boston Phoenix. Initially I was going to go with blogger, since that is more true, but I wasn’t sure it was legit enough. The thing was that in order to get a ticket to the show, I had to fill out an application. One of the things the application asked was what company I was with. Since I was not an exhibitor, nor was I writing for any real business, I wrote n/a. Though I was still e-mailed a ticket in spite of all this, I was nervous I was not going to be able to gain access to the show due to my lack of credentials.

Thus began the formation of a little ruse I was planning to put over on the ticket taker. I was going to tell them that I was a freelance writer for the Boston Phoenix and that since I work for them irregularly, like when they need stories like this, I didn’t have a business card for myself. Additionally, I was going to have to explain why they hadn’t, at the very least, granted me a press pass or a photographer, something to prove to them I wasn’t lying, which I totally was. The only trick I had up my sleeve was to bring a business card I had gotten from the creative director (so not helpful since she has nothing to do with the editorial -writing side- of the Phoenix) while interning at the Phoenix. I was all set to lie through my teeth to the ticket taker in order to make my trip worth my while. However, I thought, if for some reason my scheme fails, I can just spend the day site seeing.

But as fate would have it, a last minute e-mail to a blog that had covered Capsule last year warranted good news. They responded telling me that having a blog is a legitimate form of entry in its own right and that as long as it was in fact a real thing, I would be able to get in.

So, show day came, I got up to the ticket taker, handed her my printed ticket, she scanned it, and let me in. I was floored. No questions asked. All that worry about whether I’d be able to just have a good time at this show was for naught.


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