NYC Trip 2 – Day 2 (Real)

As you may have already read, I went to The Capsule Show on day two (1/23/13). However, more happened that day. Here’s what that was:


I woke up early because I knew Capsule started at 10am and that it took a little bit on the train to get into the city. I left the apartment, stopped at Dunks, ate my food their, and then waited for the train. While waiting, I saw Matt, Steve’s roommate and so we rode into the city together. I got off the train at Broadway/Lafayette because that was one of the locations that Capsule said there would be a shuttle running from. It was a little after 9am and it was about 18 degrees outside. On top of that, after having Dunks, I needed a restroom really badly.

After a short period of looking for a public restroom, I moved on to plan B. Plan B was to take the train to the 23rd street station and walk the few blocks from there to Center 548. This wouldn’t have been that bad a walk, but a) I was freezing cold, and b) I really needed to use the restroom. Finally, after a quick address mix up, I had found Center 548.

I asked if this was where the shuttle for the Capsule show was picking up from. They said it was picking up from there and informed me that in addition, there was a small mens fashion trade show happening at that very location called D&A and that I should check it out. I said I would check it out if there was a restroom and sure enough, there was. So I dropped my business card in the glass bowl provided (the “price of admission”) and ran up the stairs to the show -and the bathroom- on the second floor.

After a much needed bathroom break, I took a quick stroll around the small show. I then spoke with Barbara, the curator of the show, who told me to talk with some of the exhibitors, so, that is exactly what I did. After a walking around some more and talking to some people I made my way back downstairs to wait for the shuttle.


Once down there, I was told that a shuttle had just left and that there should be one in 20 minutes. I waited on a stump, literally a stump, that was made into a stool. Next to me was an older woman waiting for a shuttle to Project, another trade show that was taking place in the city. We chatted a bit while we waited and eventually her shuttle came and she left.

Modern Anthology - booze and candle

Shortly after, her place was filled by a girl that was probably my age. She was headed to Capsule too and we chatted for a bit while we waited for the shuttle. We exchanged business cards and I found out her name was Myrlaun. After waiting for nearly an hour, the shuttle bus finally came. On the ride, one of the guys who worked at D&A but was riding along with us started talking to Myrlaun about Trinidad James. I was proud of myself for knowing who/what they were talking about and that I could way in on their convo. The ride continued and eventually we got to the show.

Modern Anthology - antlers

By the time I got to Capsule everything was a blur. I was here at this place that was filled with tons of vendors and I was overwhelmed by what I should do/where I should go first. As I was handing over my ticket, I wasn’t sure whether or not I should stay with Myrlaun, if she was meeting friends, or what the deal was, but I decided to go it alone. This worked out best since our paths crossed shortly after and I saw that she was in fact with friends.

Brooks England - bags and saddle

The crowd at Capsule felt, overall, younger than at D&A. The vibe there seemed a bit more relaxed but that was probably due to the bigness of it all. Being in a small area at D&A made it feel as though all eyes were on you and you were under pressure to act a certain way or say certain things (even though that wasn’t the case). At Capsule you just sort of blended in with the crowd.

The Hershel

After being at the show for a few hours -from about noon to 2- I was sort of done and decided to make my way to Brooklyn.

Back to the apartment

Having realized on my way in to Capsule that Basketball City was accessible from the street, (in other words, it didn’t require a special security pass to gain access to the area; I thought one might have to have special security since it was on the pier), when I was ready to leave I simply walked out the front door on to the South Street sidewalk and up to the East Broadway subway station which took me back to Brooklyn.

On the way back I texted Tom (another one of Steve’s roommates) to see if he wanted to meet me at the Halsey Street station with my Super 8 camera so we could go back into Manhattan to get film for it. I didn’t want to get off the train becuase a) I didn’t want to walk to his apartment and then walk back to the train, and b) I didn’t want to have to swipe my Metro Card again. However, Tom said to meet him at the apartment so we could make a plan of attack, so I ended up having to do exactly what I didn’t want to do.

Cut to me coming into the apartment to find some of Steve’s other roommates watching a bootleg screener of The Hobbit. I watched for a bit while eating the sandwich I had bought at Popeye’s on the way back to the apartment. After finishing my sandwich, Tom said he was ready to brave the cold with me and my camera, in search for super 8 film.


On the train back to Manhattan, Tom described the camera store as being like Santa’s workshop, except that the elves were all Jewish. This statement could not have been more accurate. Upon entering, one of the first things I noticed was a conveyor belt type system that brought product form one side of the store to the other. It truly was Santa’s Jewish workshop for camera equipment.

We made our way upstairs and asked about my camera to see if it still worked. The man opened it up and found that it did indeed still operate. We then went back downstairs where I purchased one roll of super 8 film, fifty feet or three minutes of footage, for $15. Tom and I (more Tom than I) then looked around the store for a bit, examining cases, backpacks, lights, rigs, and even a $16,000 camera before leaving. We then made our way back to the subway where we headed home. On the train we were entertained by break dancers who proclaimed “the cops don’t like us ’cause we got better moves than them.”

Back to the apartment again

Once back at the apartment we chilled, watched tv, and waited for Steve and Tom’s band-mate Max to arrive. When he showed up he played some war video game on PS3 while we watched. During my last trip to New York there was a running joke about the song My United States of Whatever. So, this time we decided that we would record a cover.

After a few minutes of video game playing, me, Steve, Tom, and Max made our way upstairs to record the song. We all crammed into their small music room/recording studio. The recording process consisted of a single drum and symbol, played by Max, a bass played by Tom, a guitar played by Steve, and vocals done by me yelling into a condenser mic.

The mic was hooked up to Steve’s laptop and we were recording onto Garageband. There was no board for the guys to feed their instruments through, so everything was being recorded through the one mic. On top of that we all agreed that in order for it to sound the coolest, it should be as shitty and punk rock as possible. That meant putting the distortion up all the way and not practicing at all. I didn’t even know the lyrics, I had to read them off of Steve’s laptop while we were recording.

After four takes, we had a version that we were all happy with and the song now lives on my iPod. I’d post it on YouTube but Steve said not to because they are going to put it on their EP and he wants to wait until that is released.

After recording, we ate dinner; pasta (Tom made) with meat sauce (Tim -Steve’s roommate- made). While eating, more video game playing ensued. This then lead into a game of Cards Against Humanity involving cookies. During this time I was in discussion with my friend Dilila, who also lives in Brooklyn (two stops away), about what we should do to chill that night. I had wanted to go to Barcade ever since it was brought up that last time I was in the city but it wasn’t looking good and in the end didn’t happen.

What did happen was that at 10pm we finished playing CAH and I made my way back out into the night once more, just to visit Dilila and Katy, another friend from college.

Katy and Dilila

I got off at the Kosciuszko Street station and walked to where I thought Katy and Dilila still lived. As it turned out, they had moved and I had to walk another 2 and a half blocks down Lafayette to get to their apartment. After waiting on their stoop to be let in and then finally getting in only to be attacked (with love) by dogs on the stairs, I finally made my way into their apartment.

Essentially we just talked, chilled, and caught up with one another. It was sort of awkward and filled with many blank spaces due to the lack of seeing one another for a long time. (Then again that would lead you to believe that there was a lot to catch up on). I stayed until about midnight and then made my way back through the cold to the station to go, once more, back to the Halsey Street station.

Back to the apartment one last time

Once back I was greeted by Tom who shortly went to bed. I also got to see Matt and meet his girl friend for a bit before they too “went to bed.” And by “went to bed” I mean had fairly loud sex that I had no choice but to listen to since I was sleeping on the couch in the living room.

While these nocturnal activities were taking place, Alyssa joined me in the living room where we chatted about until 2:45am. Finally, after all this, it was time for bed.

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