NYC Trip 2 – Day 3 (Real)

After missing my alarm by a half an hour, I woke up at 9:30 and got showered and dressed. The goal was to be out the door by 10 so that Tom and I could head straight into the city and film some stuff before catching the 12pm bus back to Boston. This dream however slipped further away after Tom had to  wait for Matt to get out of the shower so that he could get in. We ended up leaving the apartment around 10:30, then stopping off at Dunks for a quick bite before catching an 11:15 (roughly around that time) train into Manhattan.

Once in the city we got out and started looking for locations to shoot. Though I had a shot list, we had already missed a few of the set ups because we forgot to look at it until we got off the train. We moved further down the list and tried to get what we could. As organized as I thought I had been, it really ended up being a quest for decent b-roll. It didn’t help that it was freezing cold, making holding the metal camera a burden on your fingers. Not to mention we were stopped more than once by passers by who were asking, “Is that super-8?” “Can you still get that developed?”

Finally, by around 12:50, Tom and I parted ways. He went to get food, and I found myself running, once again, to catch the 1pm bus. I was only an hour behind my made up schedule. We hadn’t finished using the film by the time we parted ways so I made it my mission to get some shots of the skyline while on the bus. I did get some but I still didn’t use all the film so now I have to get a little bit more footage to finish up the roll before I can send it out to get it processed and see if we got anything worth using.

The goal is to get it developed, have it converted and put onto a CD, then take the raw footage file, edit it to music in iMovie and then post the final cut onto YouTube. We’ll see how that goes.


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